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25 January 2012 @ 04:36 pm
Updates: life is absurd.

Brad is in Texas for training- we are on a two month break in the relationship- because guess what? He STILL can't handle change well. I love him. I support him. This better get off the ground when he gets back though.  Long and short: I think Brad is worth it- when he's not psycho-analyzing himself or the world around him, he's fantastic.. I'm not sure if I'm just completely idiotic for hanging on to something that's been this unnecessarily dramatic or extremely patient/understanding. I gave him the option of telling me via text if he clocks out of this relationship before he gets back (can it get any easier?). That's all I need to figure out what I need to do to move on. So he knows that every day I don't have a text telling me he's out the door, I'm assuming I have a pretty stellar guy coming home to me in 7 weeks. If that doesn't happen- his loss, not mine. But I think I'll be seeing him 7 weeks with a better head on his shoulders. Hope hope hope. And then we go from there.

In other news- I'm going to the REAL Mardi Gras in New Orleans with 3 of my super close girlfriends- so stoked. I don't think I comprehend how much fun/I need this that this is going to be. That's fine- when I get down there and my mind is blown by the fun/amazingness, cool :) ......end of March = a trip to St. Louis to visit two other extremely close girlfriends. Excited!

In the two months that Brad's going to be away- I'm really focusing on getting my head back in the game (i.e. on myself instead of only on him/us). I've dropped 17lbs (and going), dyed my hair back to black, joined an coed soccer league- good start. Now we wait and see what else happens.