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08 December 2011 @ 02:58 pm
So I guess I'll actually post (finally) without putting this on lockdown for my or my friend's eyes only- holy long time it's been, batman.

Summary of life over the past six months: I moved in with Brad. Officially. Finally. It's done and there's no turning back. Things are going really well as far as the living situation is concerned, and overall it's been a pretty seamless transition from when we were basically living together out of my (horrendous) house to his (much better) house. The drawback of this situation? Tuck can't live with us in this house. But if we move somewhere together down the road then Tuck definitely will be coming. The most significant reason I was even able to make this type of a concession was because my dad is able to keep Tucky and he lives just down the road so my dog is still very accessible.

As Brad and I have come out of the crazyiness of mid-July/August/first half of September, there have been significant changes in the relationship. Mostly in the sense that we left the honeymoon phase and went right into the long term relationship phase. We have fights/disagreements/bickerments now (eew), there aren't a lot of day to day secrets about our lifestyles anymore, we talk to each other on more significant levels (still not that often, but they're definitely deeper) and we're also getting a sense of who the other person is outside of the relationship. Brad and I both work really well together when it comes to how we conduct ourselves in regards to the other person in the relationship. But when it comes to understanding how the other person conducts themselves up against other situations in life, that's what we're learning. We're learning that we don't like how we respond to some things, and we're learning that we do really respect other things.

I've never lived with a boyfriend so it's hard not looking at him as a roommate moreso than a romantic partner (weird word to use? I can't think of any other way to describe it that identifies it properly) but that also might be why it hasn't been a hard transition. Instead of only seeing him in the role of boyfriend, I do also see him as a roommate- someone who comes/goes as he pleases, someone who has space that needs to be respected (as does mine) and someone who I enjoy having around when I come home. Here's hoping that he feels the same way otherwise we're in trouble :)

Other areas of my life have just completely imploded, but the good thing about it is that they haven't affected me as a whole. First- my car broke down indefinitely. Horrible. So now I have my uncle's car that he gave me. Second- I broke up with my only two girlfriends in the city, but for reasons I feel are extremely justified and I'm not missing them too terribly.

The only thing I regret about the way things are in my life is the fact that I've been here almost a year and still haven't met anyone. The two people who I did recently end the friendships with were very superficial at best anyway and I don't know if I've done my share (whether it's been my fault or not) at actively making an effort to meet people outside of work. Doing things after work that don't always involve sitting around in the house are things I miss about my friends and social life in Phoenix. But I'm learning a lot being here so while I miss the social things, I still wouldn't trade right now for back then. I know each division of my life is going to get figured out one way or another.

Isn't that such an upbeat attitude? I know. It's also boring- because I literally have nothing going on in my life to write about. I have to finish moving. And then clean my old house. And then......? So boring!
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Maria Flahertyautumn20 on January 25th, 2012 09:24 pm (UTC)
No that's totally fine :)