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Maria Flaherty
25 March 2011 @ 11:05 am
Honestly, yesterday was not good. And this morning is not going well either.

But seriously, thank God for the friends that I have. I have some fabulously amazing girlfriends and I think i would be completely lost without them. Now, what would make life even better is if they actually lived in OH/KY with me. The fact that they are either in New York, Arizona, Missouri or Texas is just a slap in the fact.  So horribly uncool. But I suppose I'm lucky they're even in my life at all so really....I should just stop crabbing :)

And I'm just totally bummed about having these not good days because I don't have not good days anymore. Every day is a good day for me. Every day I am in a good mood. So, what gives? Maybe it's the weather.

Yesterday was a catastrophe and I just got a horrific email this morning from my grandpa explaining details about the hospitalization he had earlier in the week which now sounds much more serious than he ever let on. So this, thinking back to the day where he told me about plans he had been making to arrange his funeral for whenver he dies, scares me.  He said the doctors think it's just gastroenteritis, but they still want to run another scan to be sure. In any case, it just makes me incredibly sad/worried.

I just need a good night out sometime soon and then a really looooong sleep in my incredibly amazing bed, and then life will be wonderful again.
Maria Flaherty
23 March 2011 @ 09:20 pm

Oh my dear sweet God. Sean Casey and his IMAX film 'Tornado Alley' are coming to the Cincinnati Museum Center for a special two day showing this coming Sunday and Monday. I am going, and everyone better get out of my way. There's no way I'm missing this- absolutely no way.

Seriously? I'm this much of a loser that something like this excites me? ........Yes. And I'm not ashamed of it. And, in my defense, I'm also incredibly excited about opening day next Thursday =P
Maria Flaherty
23 March 2011 @ 09:16 am

Ok so get this.

Last night I wasn’t even asleep for 5 minutes when I had a night terror; I woke up in one of those half asleep/half awake phases and I saw this huge dark shadow coming towards my bed from the crack in my door between my bedroom and in my kitchen. I thought it was a person, and I literally screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbed my knife from under my pillow and yelled at the person to get the eff out of my house.

Turns out it was NOT a person, which I realized when my poor dog a.) did not bark at it and b.) flew off the bed and started cowering next to it because he thought I was yelling at him. And so then it took me an hour to calm down from the pure panic that I felt and went around to check all the doors and realized that they were unlocked.

It was terrifying.  But this has happened before where I’ve had a night terror and woke up to check all my doors only to realize that I forgot to lock them. So actually, these night terrors are a good thing because they keep me from going to sleep with everything unlocked. Either that, or it’s a ghost coming to remind me that I forgot to lock my doors. Seriously- I slept with the light in the kitchen and the radio on last night because I was trembling from head to toe. My heart was beating so fast I was 50% convinced I was on the verge of a heart attack.

And waking up this morning I felt like I had just gotten out of a train wreck. I slept horribly. 

Maria Flaherty
15 March 2011 @ 09:31 pm
headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang headbang

That is all. I need a drink.
Maria Flaherty
09 March 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Ok, decorating is almost done. Just went to Wal-Mart and picked up some nice curtain poles, two lamp shades (although one didn't work, so it's going back), four panels of curtains- two burgundy and two white, a candle and some makeup, I need to return the one lamp shade for two more burgundy panels to put in my room. I think I like the burgundy curtains and how they go with my deep purple bed spread and white furniture. The final purchases include three large 16 X 20 frames to go in my bedroom and a picture for the other wall in my dining room. The first big purchase will be my bed frame and bed ( I dream of the day ), then four new dining room chairs, then a new couch. And then....life will be complete!

So, I have plenty of money from this week's paycheck, but I'm going to try surviving for the next two weeks off of ONLY $100.00 and put the other $100.00 into savings for one of the big purchases above. I'm supposed to go to Las Vegas with a group of girlfriends, but I almost don't want to spend the money so that I can use the Vegas money to get a fabulous bed. Hmm...choices. :/
Maria Flaherty
07 March 2011 @ 09:57 pm
Have I mentioned yet how happy I am in this fantastically fantastic apartment in Newport? Have I mentioned how beautiful this apartment is? How stylish? How retro yet trendy?

I've been doing research on the history of Newport, KY and I have so thoroughly become infatuated with/fallen in love with Newport that the idea of even considering the departure of this city and apartment is just an abominable thought which I shove violently away.

I love this place. I love this city. I love how rich it is in (seedy) culture- I love its intrigue. I love that (sexy) gangsters used to live here. Gangsters are so much better in my head than in real life. In my head, they wear double breasted, three piece pin striped suits with a sassy tilt of their hats and are tough world-wise men with undiscovered romantic tendencies. In real life, they were gritty cheats and murderers. My head really is so much better than real life, I swear.

And let me further expound upon my happiness by saying that I can't believe I didn't know anything like this about Cincinnati. I am so happy I moved back. So incredibly happy. I'm thrilled. Enthralled.

And you know the biggest treat? The discovery of the Newport Pizza Company. Ohmygoshitsthebestpizzaever. Best food. And what's great is that there are so many more other adorable little places for me to explore.

I have *finally* been making fantastic choices in life.

For. The.  Win!
Maria Flaherty
06 March 2011 @ 08:18 pm
This is going to be a terribly uninteresting post, but I'm excited. I got my energy bill today, and my gas charges were $95.00 and electric were $25.00- for a full month. Fab-u-lous! And that's keeping the heat at 70 degrees, having forgotten to turn down the heat during the day while I was gone a fair amount of times, and having had my outdoor light on basically 24/7. Insane. I'm now doubly in love with my boot legger apartment.

Last night I came home from helping my aunt and cousins move into their new house (insanely gorgeous) and rearranged some things in the apartment to make it look even nicer than it already did. I am so lucky. I have an amazingly big, beautiful, historic apartment in a pretty jazzy part of town and I am just deliriously happy. And it's decorated the way I want it to be decorated, it smells wonderful (courtesy of a million candles), and it has all the warm, soft and girly colors that I love but is still tasteful. I'm just in Heaven with this place. There are only a few things left that I need to fully wrap up the decorating of this apartment. I need to get my queen size white wrought iron bedframe-head board and foot board, I need proper dining room chairs, I need new curtains for my bedroom + nicer curtain rods, two new lamp shades to replace the ones on the lamps I have, a big wall painting for the one blank wall in my dining room, and three glass-only frames for the enlarged photos I want to put above my bed. I'd also like to get a small little table and chairs to put next to my window in my kitchen since it's so big that it echoes right now, having nothing to fill it. I'm also excited for spring/summer because I want to get some patio furniture (even though it's just a courtyard that I have) + plants to put throughout the courtyard to give it a more rural feel (that can survive in indirect sunlight) and then I'll be all set and settled.

I'm lucky. Have I mentioned how lucky I am? I'm so lucky.
Maria Flaherty
20 February 2011 @ 04:13 pm

To say that my life is silly/absurd is probably a significant understatement. I just moved into this fabulous apartment in Newport, when all of a sudden I now have the option of moving into the house next to my dad in Miamiville- $170.00 a month less than what I'm paying for my Newport place. Really? I mean, really? After all the searching I did in Miamiville, now a place is open? So the short story is that my family (my cousin's husband) owns a property in Miamiville, upon which two houses sit. One is where my father lives, and the other is where a person named Joe lived. I'm sure I've described Joe in past entries, so I'm not going to spend time categorizing what type of person he was. But on Tuesday I got a phone call from my dad telling me that Joe passed away. He apparently got so high on valium that he slipped into a coma and never woke up. And now my family thinks it would be a great idea for me to move into Joe's old place. And it is, actually. But I just don't know if I feel like a.) moving again and b.) sacrificing the fantastic place I have now. There are pros/cons to staying/moving in/to both places, and I just genuinely don't know what to do. I've been asking for advice, getting feedback, etc. and I still don't have an idea as to what I want to do.
Maria Flaherty
13 February 2011 @ 06:13 pm
Oh my gosh, this day is fantastic. First of all, it's warm. It's splendidly warm. It's amazingly and wonderfully warm. Second, I'm sitting in Barnes and Noble on the second floor of Newport's B&N watching the sunset over Newport and it's gorgeous. Third, I drank wine early this morning - quite a lot, actually - while watching The Hangover, then I took a leisurely nap and it was wonderful as well. Fourth, I've made plans with five of my girlfriends from around the country to go to Las Vegas in July. I hope all of them can make it, but even if some fall off- I'm excited. So far, it'll be me, my friend from college/sorority sister Christina, my high school friend Sarah H, my other Cincinnati friend Brandy, and then my two girlfriends from Phoenix (who now live in El Paso and St. Louis respectively) Erica and Alexis. Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

I also had a really good weekend. I spent a horrific amount of money that I don't want to disclose on finishing up the decorating for my apartment and it looks lovely now. I threw on purple and pink slip covers for my couches and I don't care what anyone else thinks, I love them. They really make my place pretty, warm and cozy. And then I bought lots of candles. I don't care what anyone says- you can never have enough candles (as long as you're responsible with them). And I bought a new duvet cover and fancy pillow shams for my bed, so that looks gorgeous. I also bought a small area rug which I ended up just draping over my love seat, but it looks nice as well. I went shopping at IKEA which always turns out dastardly because I never can see where my money went, but wherever it did go, it did end up creating an overall lovely effect for my apartment. I just adore it. And I adore the weather. Did I mention that? I had the heat off and the windows open.

I'm a happy clam. I am happy as a clam. I am living as happy as a clam would live. That about sums it up.
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Maria Flaherty
03 February 2011 @ 03:30 pm
I'm going to make my foray into the cooking world. Tonight I'm going to stock up on some things and make what will hopefully be a yummy Tex Mex crockpot dinner. I can either serve it on a bed of rice or in tortillas. I think I'll buy both, just in case. My dad is bringing me some food staples, so it might be nice to have something hot for him to eat, then I can get some input. Because, ok- here's what I know how to cook:

1.) Spicy chicken jumbalaya
2.) Chicken farfalle pasta with pesto sauce and herb roasted red potatoes
3.) Chicken curry
4.) Some really spicy chicken dish which includes a lot of randomness and basically whatever I have in the kitchen and sounds good
5.) Spaghetti

....that's it. I'm also going to try (tonight) to make some cheesy garlic english muffin bread to see how well it tastes and whether or not it will go with my reheated chili. So far, I've been able to manage life without a microwave and without a toaster. Bazinga!